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Published on September 14, 2008 By SH80 In Misc

We were in Blockbuster Friday evening searching for movies to watch as we anticipated the storms rolling into our area from the gulf. As we walked the store, my son picked up a copy of a horror movie in jest, which led to the question, “What is the scariest movie you’ve ever watched?”


My initial reaction is typically “The Exorcist.” I can still recall the sheets pulled over my head as I lay restless in bed at my grandparents’ house overhearing the lines spewing from the “edited” version playing on the TV in the living room. The lights were dim in the kitchen as I crept past the barstools to tell the others that I was scared. With the contorted look on the girl’s face on the screen and her wretched voice, it’s a wonder I was able to ever fall asleep.


As I awoke this morning, my mind was contemplated a number of random and seemingly unconnected thoughts…a comedy we watched together last night, my son’s social studies project, the church we are planning to visit this morning, and the red balloon…the scariest movie I ever watched.


We’re searching for a church home. This morning, we’re going to visit a church that appears to be a progressive church. Yet, it is still affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention despite dropping “Baptist” from its name a few years ago. Memories filled my thoughts of being raised under the denominational beliefs of the Baptist church.


After a quick web search this morning, I found the red balloon. I couldn’t recall the name of the movie, but someone had posted the scene I so vividly remember despite the fact that I saw it 28 years ago. Sitting in a blue, hard plastic chair several rows back, the room had been set up like a theater in our Sunday School class. An isle down the center of the room made way for the old projector that played “Image of the Beast”…the jail…the man in what appeared to be a sheet with armholes…the guillotine…the red balloon. I shifted uneasily this morning as I watched the clip on youtube (


I’m in a season of bitterness with the church right now…bitter about the shame, guilt, and fear tactics used by the church to scare me into belief. It's no wonder why I'm a bit disturbed as I'm getting ready to head to church today.

on Sep 14, 2008

Just keep visiting and you will eventually find your church home.  Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to watch the clip.  I don't like being scared. 

on Sep 14, 2008

You know, I do remember that some of the scariest movies I have seen as a child, 10-14 years were in church!  Why do they do that, scare kids straight?  Sometimes it just doesnt work that way, and it is wrong!  


BTW Boudica, nothing scary image-wise, just mentally, in that excerpt.

on Sep 14, 2008

Never had my church show me a scary movie. Just very emotional ones.

on Sep 14, 2008

Just keep visiting and you will eventually find your church home.

Despite my season of bitterness...I've not ever given up. But after this morning, it's back to the drawing board. I too hope we'll eventually find a place where we can not only stretch and grow, but a place to serve.

on Sep 14, 2008

Why do they do that, scare kids straight?

I guess that was my question this morning. I just don't understand it. I can't understand how they could show that in good conscious to impressionable kids.

...and it is wrong!


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